Top 8 Reasons To Choose The Perfect Hair Care

by Bobbie Gonzalez on March 17, 2021

When it comes to hair care, going natural—or at least attempting to reduce your use of chemical hair care products - requires a lot of patience and time, which is why it can often get frustrating. It can sometimes be tempting to just give up and reach for a flat iron and a bottle of hair relaxer, especially in the early stages of the transition. But that’s precisely why we created The Perfect Haircare - to give you an easy and convenient way to promote perfect hair health without the use of harmful chemicals or expensive treatments.

Get Healthy Hair

If you are still searching the internet for “how to get perfect hair,” look no further than our patented design to get silky, gorgeous hair from the comfort of your own home. 

Still not sure how our products can help?

Here are eight reasons why people worldwide are switching to The Perfect Haircare for the perfect hair treatment they need.

1. Get Healthy Hair Effortlessly!

If you want to know how to have long and healthy hair, you’ll be glad to hear that following healthy hair tips is not as hard of a thing to achieve as you may think. In fact, this is what the hair care industry WANTS you to believe. Healthy hair has less need for their products. Making sure that your hair is dry, frizzy, and damaged is what keeps them in business.

That's why they put all kinds of sulfates, silicone, and other harmful ingredients that only mask the problem while contributing more to damage. The key to how to get healthy hair is getting out of the cycle as soon as you can. Limiting the use of these products will give your hair the treatment it deserves effortlessly! If you wonder how to have healthy hair, this should always be the first step you take.

2. Dry Your Hair 70% Faster

What does this mean? It means that, since it has no loops or texture, the fabric comes into closer contact with your hair, wicking away moisture more quickly and more evenly than any other hair-drying towel wrap in the world.

What typically takes up to 30 to 40 minutes with a regular, terry-cloth towel takes as little as 15 minutes with The Perfect Haircare. So, if you are wondering how to dry your hair fast without causing damage, our towel might be the best towel for drying hair naturally and efficiently.

Our ultra-fine, microfiber quick-drying hair towel was designed to be as smooth as silk

Dry Hair Faster
Light Weight towels

3. Our Towels Are Really Light-Weight

Unlike regular bath towels, our Black Microfiber Hair Towel is extremely lightweight. Say goodbye to the headaches and neck pains that come with wearing a traditional, heavy bath towel on your head. Think this may affect its ability to dry your hair? Well, microfiber absorbs seven times its own weight in water. You won't believe how comfortable it is to wear this light towel! In fact, TONS of our clients have told us that when they wear our light hair towel, they sometimes forget that they are wearing a towel at all!

4. Our Towels Are Very Comfortable and Never Fall Off

One problem that always comes up with natural hair drying is your towel falling off. That is why our Pink Ultra-Fine Microfiber Hair Towel is the first and only hair drying towel designed to NEVER FALL OFF! Our loop and closure are patent-pending and designed to secure the towel and gently tighten it around your head. We have video footage of a cheerleader doing a cartwheel and somersault while wearing the towel, and it doesn't fall off. Think of all of the things that you can do while your hair dries in our towel. No longer will you have to worry about your towel falling off while you take care of the kids, get dressed, or get ready for a day at work or a fun night out!

Comfortable towels

5. Wrap Your Hair in Different Ways

Different Ways of Wrapping Hair

So, How Does this Towel Never Fall Off?

It’s all about our patented design that allows it to be wrapped securely without the risk of falling off. Our towel is the first and only towel in the world that can be used to wrap your hair in different ways. Because it's made of Ultra-Fine Microfiber, you can use the thin and amazingly absorbent fabric to wrap and dry your hair in a bun or twist, either in the front or back of your head. And for all of you curly girls (especially those on the Curly Girl Method), you can plop or plunk your hair to create the most luscious curls you've ever seen!

Stop searching for advice on how to wrap a towel around your hair or how to use a hair wrap towel. It’s never been about your ability to wrap; it has always been about the towel!

6. Save Money by Investing in Quality Hair Care

Over a lifetime, studies show that women spend an average of $55,000 on hair care! That includes hair products, hair treatments, visits to the salon, hair tools, and more. Our towel is so effective at improving your hair’s health that you will use fewer products, have less need for treatments, and your hair will be so healthy and free of damage that you will find yourself needing to go to the salon less often. If you color your hair, our towel will help you preserve your hair color and shine up to 6 weeks longer! Our quality hair care products will save you up to 50% on hair care costs over time.

7. Works Perfectly on All Hair Types

No matter what kind of hair you have, whether straight, wavy, curly, or kinky, The Perfect Haircare family of products will take great care of you. We have heard positive feedback from women and men of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds who have raved about the improvements that our products have made in their lives.

Everyone's hair is different, but all hair has certain similarities. All hair is weak when wet, and all hair can tangle. Preventing problems is the first step in improving hair health for all types of hair. Hair products may be specialized by hair type, but getting your hair dry and ready to receive whatever product you use is a part of a hair care routine that is truly universal. 

Save Money by Buying a Quality Hair Towel
Hair Towels for Kids

Our microfiber towel can work as a towel for wet hair, curly hair, and all types of hair and textures in between. If you are looking for the best microfiber towel for curly hair, The Perfect Haircare has you covered!

8. Works Wonders on Children's Hair Too

Our daughter, Ceci, who is pictured here, was the inspiration for the development of our products. She is the apple of our eye, but we suffered endlessly with the tangles and knots that made brushing her hair a total nightmare. If you have a child who suffers from pain when brushing their hair, The Perfect Haircare microfiber hair towel can also work as a hair towel wrap for kids, meaning your whole family can use it!

So, whether you need a hair towel for yourself or a hair towel for kids, The Perfect Haircare can help. To learn more about how our products were born, click below.


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