Our Perfect Story

The Perfect Haircare


Many businesses are born from either frustration or love. In the case of The Perfect Haircare, it was born from both!

When I found out that I was pregnant with a girl, I was over the moon with excitement. My dream of wrapping up my little girl in ribbons and bows was becoming a reality! Cecilia was born and our family felt complete – we finally had our princess.

As Ceci grew, so did her chubby cheeks and her hair, which was growing out curly, thin and very tangle-prone. I was born with straight and easy to manage hair that rarely tangled or frizzed. Needless to say, between the frizz, tangles and tears, caring for her hair quickly became very challenging, and it seemed that my dreams of ribbons and bows were far from reality.

We started on a quest to find a pain-free and easy solution. After months of research, trial and error, and hundreds of dollars spent on different hair products, brushes, and towels, I came across a piece of fabric that I had in one of my craft bins. It was thin and completely smooth, totally different from anything we had tried. I felt that “mom-intuition'' telling me to try drying our daughter’s hair with it. We were amazed with the result. Her hair had no knots or tangles, and there wasn’t a scream or shriek to be heard. It was unbelievable!


This truly became a labor of love for me. We were committed to to make whatever effort was necessary to create the perfect hair towel that is durable, comfortable, hassle-free, effective and above all else, enjoyable to use for Ceci. We are confident that you will love your hair towel as much as we do and appreciate the obvious effort, & improvements that make this the best hair towel you will ever own.

Increased absorption due to a slight additional elasticity that was added to the fabric based on feedback from the many different tests that were conducted with real women like yourselves.

You will enjoy using The Perfect Hair towel wrap for many years due to the exhaustive testing that went into creating the best possible fabric weave that will not fray and come apart.

Patent-pending innovative tassel and spring-clamp closure system designed to comfortably hold the towel exactly where it belongs on your head!

Rather than just add any old generic brush, months were spent with a designer crafting what we feel is the perfect brush to compliment the hair towel making this The Complete Hair Care System.

Spreading Joy and Confidence Around the World

Once we were live, we began receiving reviews and emails from perfect strangers with every type of hair imaginable. They absolutely LOVED our products! Most comments praised the towels’ ability to significantly minimize frizz, reduce drying time, and eliminate tangles and breakage. The reviews and comments were coming from all and from people of every race, ethnicity, and hair type!

It has been such a blessing and a thrill to receive this amazing feedback, and it keeps us motivated. We maintain a 4.6+ stars out of 5 rating. We couldn’t be happier that, because of our little Cecilia, we have been able to help so many have healthier, shinier, tangle-free and damage-free hair.


Ceci loves to hang up pictures of people wearing their Perfecthaircare Towel Wrap so we are building a gallery of images of our users from around the world and have decided to turn it into a contest as well as give back to the community. Do you want a chance to win $500. worth of haircare products plus help us give back to women and young girls in need?

Entering is easy and requires very little effort on your part. Take a picture of yourself or whoever the perfecthaircare towel is gifted to wearing the towel and post it top your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #theperfecthaircarewomen. we will be notified when you use the hashtag and that will count as an entry. A winner will be chosen on the last day of every quarter. For every 10 people that enter the contest, we will donate one complete haircare system to the Miami Women and Children's shelter.