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The Perfect Haircare was born like many other businesses are born… from frustration. Having been blessed with relatively problem-free hair, I was really thrown for a loop when I gave birth to our third child, a beautiful girl named Ceci. Her hair was not like mine. It was extremely thin and curly. My hair is a medium thickness and straight.

Ceci’s hair would tangle like nothing I or my husband had ever seen! We got to a point where the problem got so bad that my husband wanted to shave it!

WHAT?!?!?!? After having had two boys and dreams of a baby girl that I could wrap in ribbons and bows, the last thing I ever would do was to shave her little toddler head!

My husband made it his mission to find a way to solve the problem. He searched for literally months. He read all kinds of blogs, bought all kinds of products to slather on her frizzled locks, used all kinds of different towels, brushes, combs, etc. Some things worked better than others, but nothing seemed to do the trick. Sure, a t-shirt created less tangles than a regular terry-cloth microfiber towel, but it didn’t absorb water well at all. Micro-fiber towels dried her hair more quickly than regular cotton towels, but the texture of the fabric created frizz due to too much friction.

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