Pink Microfiber Hair Towel & Hairbrush Set

Our best-selling, revolutionary hair towel is the first of its kind in the world. This ultra-fine microfiber towel has been expertly designed for fast drying and reducing frizz without the need for any additional hair products.Our detangling brush is designed with sleek, round bristles for smoother detangling and gentler treatment of the hair and scalp. Like the rest of our products, this high-quality hairbrush is perfect for all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair, and is made with a durable design and materials for a lifetime of luxury and tangle-free hair.
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Pink Microfiber Hair Towel & Hairbrush Set

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Defective closure

The towel itself is awesome. Very absorbent and did not break up my curl clumps. However the clasp appears to be defective. With this type of clasp, you push the button to adjust it and release the button to secure it. My clasp was the reverse. It slid freely without pushing the button an. When I push the button nothing happened to secure the towel. I gave it three stars because the fabric of the towel is awesome. But check your clasp when you get it to make sure it is functioning.EDIT: Changing my review to 5 stars! The company read my review and sent me a replacement towel. Wonderful company and I love the product!

Cuts drying time

I bought a different kind of hair towel before, some kind of terry cloth turban which was not working for me because it was too small and thick.This thin towel material is very soft on the hair yet very absorbent, so the drying time is reduced significantly. Im very happy with the brush as well which you can use wet and dry.The fantastic towel is large enough for very long hair. I would strongly recommend buying it.

Amazing hair towel

I saw this mentioned on a YouTube video for caring for hair extensions and I was intrigued and purchased it. When it arrived I was skeptical because it was so thin but its drying ability is amazing. I squeeze out my hair in the shower and wrap my hair in the towel. I brush it out and wrap it again and it can get up to 70-80% dry in less than 10 min and I have long (past my bra line) hair with extensions currently in, so it cuts down on blow drying time. I also dont mine leaving the towel in longer since theres the cord to put the end of the towel in place and tighten it. I havent had a problem with it staying in place which was a gripe of mine with using a regular towel rollers up on top of my head. The brush thats included is also awesome- a definite dupe for my beloved Wet Brush. I ordered the pink and after using it twice Ive also ordered the black one. Also-Ive washed and dried the towel and there hasnt been a change in absorbency or anything (made sure not to add fabric softener to the washer). So overall-highly recommended and a great price for a towel AND a really good brush.

Love this towel!

Love this towel. I wish there was an option to buy it without the brush because I want more towels.


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