We Believe...

Our discovery needed to be shared with the world– We spent months designing the perfect hair towel for a perfect hair care routine.

We began receiving reviews and emails from perfect strangers whose hair textures ranged from straight, wavy, curly and coily and everything in between.

We couldn’t be happier that, because of our little Cecilia, we have been able to help so many have healthier, shinier, tangle-free and damage-free hair.

How We Got Here

We started a quest to find a pain-free and easy solution to our daughter's curly, thin and tangle-prone hair. After months of research, trial and error, and hundreds of dollars spent on different hair products, brushes, and towels, I came across a piece of fabric that I had in one of my craft bins. It was thin and completely smooth, totally different from anything we had tried.

I felt that “mom-intuition'' telling me to try drying our daughter’s hair with it. We were amazed with the result. Her hair had no knots or tangles, and there wasn’t a scream or shriek to be heard. It was unbelievable!

Let’s Be BFF’s

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