For generations, women have been drying their hair the wrong way!

With the development of drying towels, which were designed to dry the body after bathing, women everywhere have extended the use of traditional terry-cloth towels to the drying of hair as well.  This is a little known but extremely damaging factor in hair damage.

With the research & development of so many expensive products that make so many claims to improve hair health, one major factor in the treatment of hair has gone almost completely untouched...your hair towel.

The Perfect Haircare was developed to completely revolutionize the hair care world.  With the development of the only Ultra-Fine Microfiber Hair Towel, we have eliminated one of the leading causes of hair damage.  Traditional towel fabric, whether made up of cotton or microfiber, creates friction and damage with its looped texture.

Our towel is completely smooth, and it has no border stitching whatsoever, eliminating friction that your current towel creates.  Friction leads to damage, which leads to breakage, split-ends and yes...FRIZZ!

Made of 100% smooth Ultra-Fine Microfiber, you can still achieve the fast-drying power of microfiber, but without any of the damage.