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The Perfect Haircare was the born from the love we have for our daughter
We extend this love to you and your loved ones

That is the love that drives me to this day!


The Perfect Haircare was born like many other businesses are born… from frustration. Having been blessed with relatively problem-free hair, I was really thrown for a loop when I gave birth to our third child, a beautiful girl named Ceci. Her hair was not like mine. It was extremely thin and curly. My hair is a medium thickness and straight.

Ceci’s hair would tangle like nothing I or my husband had ever seen! We got to a point where the problem got so bad that my husband wanted to shave it!

WHAT?!?!?!? After having had two boys and dreams of a baby girl that I could wrap in ribbons and bows, the last thing I ever would do was to shave her little toddler head!

My husband made it his mission to find a way to solve the problem. He searched for literally months. He read all kinds of blogs, bought all kinds of products to slather on her frizzled locks, used all kinds of different towels, brushes, combs, etc. Some things worked better than others, but nothing seemed to do the trick. Sure, a t-shirt created less tangles than a regular terry-cloth microfiber towel, but it didn’t absorb water well at all. Micro-fiber towels dried her hair more quickly than regular cotton towels, but the texture of the fabric created frizz due to too much friction.

One day, my husband, in his heroic quest to save Princess Ceci, found a fabric that combined the drying power of a microfiber towel with the smoothness of a t-shirt. He tried it on her and almost fell flat n his face when the brush glided right through her tangle-free hair. There wasn’t a scream or shriek to be heard from Ceci’s mouth. It was UNBELEIVEABLE!

After drying Ceci’s hair, he threw the fabric into the dryer and gave it to be, begging me to try it. I wasn’t due for a hair wash for a couple more days, but I saw by the look on his face, that he was desperate for me to try it. When I tried it…OMG… I was floored! My hair dried so incredibly fast and, to top it off, when I blow-dried it, I was done in only 8 minutes when it usually took me 20 to 30 minutes. I was an instant believer!

We decided that we needed to share this new discovery with the world and The Perfect Haircare was born.

We spent months finding the best manufacturer and we put a lot of time into designing the towel to have a few elements that we knew would make it even better. 

                1.We made the fabric slightly elastic so that it would come
                    into contact with the hair more closely and improve its
                2. We tested different fabric patters to find one that would not
                    fray on its stitch-free edges
                3. We invented a unique tassel and spring-clamp closure to
                     hold the towel where it belongs…ON YOUR HEAD!

We placed a test order of 100 towels and gave them to friends and family for free, just to test out and give their un-biased feedback. The result was that all of them, and I mean all of them, couldn’t say enough about how much they loved this new towel. My husband and I were a little cynical of the reactions that we heard. After all, your family and friends can be a little biased with their opinion and tell you that its great even though it not actually be that great.

We decided to also develop a hairbrush that would detangle hair without any pain. We used The Wet Brush for years and we liked it, but we thought we could do better. We worked with a team to find the best level of flexibility that brush bristles should have and we found that our brush, which looks almost exactly like a Wet Brush, eased out the tangles with less damage and breakage.

We want to provide our customers with the best value possible so we bundled the towel with the brush and we launched on Amazon in September 2018.

As soon as the product began to sell, we were amazed with the number of positive reviews that we were getting. These were the opinions of perfect strangers who absolutely LOVED our products. To our surprised, many of them said even better things about the brush. We added the brush as a value-added benefit and it was getting rave reviews too. We were honored and thrilled. We have maintained a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Amazon and couldn’t be happier.

We have plans to expand our product line with more colors and products very soon. Also, we would love to get your feedback about new products that you would like The Perfect Haircare to offer to help our customers even more. You can email us at info@theperfecthaircare.com.



When I first got my towel and brush set from The Perfect Haircare, I took one quick look at it and thought to myself, "There is NO WAY that this will work. When I took a bath and then wrapped the towel around my head, I could not believe how dry my hair was. I only left in on for about 15 minutes and my hair was so dry that I couldn't believe it. I was able to blow-dry and style my hair so much faster and it looked... AMAZING!!! As for the brush, I was also floored by how gentle it was on my extensions. It was so great that I decided to buy a few more sets for my daughter and me to both use. I absolutely love this product and will NEVER dry my hair with anything else AGAIN!

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