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How to Use The Perfect Haircare Towel

The Perfect Haircare Towel can be used to wrap your hair in several ways. You can use it to enhance your curls with a plop or to help straighten it while it dries to save yourself precious time while saving your hair from the damaging heat of a blow dryer. Check out our videos below to learn different ways to wrap it for the look you are after.

We are working on some more professional videos, but after having received so many requests, we have posted some videos that, even though they were made on the fly, do the job in teaching you how to use this towel for the best results!

Back Bun

Warning...  This is a SUPER basic video!

We filmed this in a hurry to help a customer who asked for some tips on how to wrap it in this way.

Bun Wrapping is easy and helps to straighten the hair while drying it so that you can save time on blow drying.

The Swavy Curly Courtney Plop

There are a couple of ways to plop your hair with The Perfect Haircare Towel.  We learned this one from one our favorite Curly Girl Method experts.

You can check out her channel on YouTube.  She is a wizard at all things CGM.  You can check out her channel here

The Original Plop

This is the original plopping method.  Similar to how you would use a t-shirt to plop your hair, this method creates two long twists that you join behind your head and loop through the string closure at the nape of your neck.

Again, please forgive (or ignore) the narration.  This video was also made on the fly for a customer, but it does the job.

Also keep in mind that Bobbie's hair was dry and straight.  This obviously works better for wet curly hair.

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